Jiangsu Jinhua Heavy Anticorrosive Coating Co., Ltd

Port Machinery Anti-corrosion Expert

Jiangsu Jinhua Heavy Anticorrosive Coating Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Jinhua Heavy Anticorrosive Coating is a leading brand of heavy anti-corrosive coating in China, which is affiliated to Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (ZPMC) Group. It is a heavy anti-corrosive coating manufacturer specializing in supporting port machinery, large ships, marine heavy industry, large steel structures, equipment manufacturing, petrochemical and other facilities. We provide customers with professional anti-corrosion solutions, coatings, construction, maintenance, training and other one-stop services.
As a professional heavy anti-corrosive coating company in China, the production base of Jinhua heavy anti-corrosive coating covers an area of more than 70000 square meters, with 6 PLC controlled fully automatic production lines, modern production and environmental protection equipment, standardized production process, and designed annual output of more than 100000 tons.
Jinhua Heavy Anticorrosive Coating pays attention to product quality and service, strives to improve the occupational health, safety and environmental protection level of employees, and actively guides employees to develop a good environmental awareness. At present, it has passed ISO9001 quality assurance system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification.


Establishment of the Company

70000 ㎡+

Area covered


PLC control fully automatic production line

100 thousand

Annual output

70 +

Certified patent