New Shipbuilding

As a domestic advanced marine coating supplier, Jinhua Heavy Anticorrosion Coatings has more than 30 years of experience in marine anticorrosion support, and has provided high-quality heavy anticorrosion protection for different types of newly built ships of ultra-dry ships.

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In the ship maintenance stage, Zhenhua Coatings carefully evaluates and analyzes the anti-corrosion needs of users, and solves complex maintenance problems based on rich practical experience. Provide users with supporting products with high performance, convenient construction and short drying time, simplify maintenance and repair processes, meet high-standard anti-corrosion requirements and shorten construction periods.

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Ocean Engineering

Marine engineering is generally exposed to harsh marine corrosive environments for a long time, and it belongs to the high-grade C5-M (ISO12944) in the classification of corrosive environments. In such a harsh corrosive environment, Zhenhua Paint provides various heavy anti-corrosion protection for marine engineering facilities. The coatings we provide comply with the relevant standards of ISO12944 and NORSOK M-501.

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