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Song Hailiang Met with Tan Wensheng and His Men Both Sides Witnessed the Signing of Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On July 15, Song Hailiang, Vice President of CCCC and Chairman of ZPMC, met with Tan Wensheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal CPC Committee and Mayor of Xiangtan City and his men at the headquarters of ZPMC in Shanghai. Both sides made in-depth exchange of views about subway and rail transportation, de-stocking of steel, urban infrastructure construction, offshore wind power, etc. and witnessed the signing of the three-party strategic cooperation agreement by Xiangtan People’s Government, CCCC Haixi Investment Co., Ltd. and ZPMC.

According to the agreement, the three parties will carry out cooperation in terms of five major fields including equipment manufacturing, new energy development, construction of traffic infrastructure, comprehensive urban development and construction, tourism industry and finance in a variety of ways.

Qi Wenzhong, General Manager of CCCC Haixi Regional Headquarters, Fan Yan, Chairman and Secretary of CPC Committee of CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhu Lianyu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of ZPMC and Huang Qingfeng, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of ZPMC attended the meeting.

Song Hailiang warmly welcomed Tan Wensheng and his men. He introduced the performances of CCCC in terms of comprehensive transportation, infrastructure, roads and bridges, urban rail transportation, etc, especially the transformation and upgrading of CCCC’s equipment manufacturing area represented by ZPMC. Song Hailiang also introduced ZPMC’s eight major businesses and the urban stereo garage system developed by ZPMC. According to Song, as one of the seven pilot central enterprises engaged in state-owned investment, CCCC has a larger platform in terms of investment holding, asset operation, etc. and is able to provide more dynamics to the operation between both sides. He hoped that Xiangtan City and CCCC may carry out more systematic, more sustainable and deeper practical operations to make contributions as a central enterprise to the economy and social development of Xiangtan City.

Tan Wensheng introduced the current development of Xiangtan City and local key projects attracting investment in the “13th Five-year Plan” period. He added that, as hometown of Mao Zedong, Xiangtan City, is carrying out transformation and upgrading by “grasping two aspects”, i.e. construction of projects beautifying Xiangtan and industry development. In addition, Xiangtan has set up four funds to make innovation in financing modes to bring more dynamics to state-owned enterprise and state-owned assets. Tan Wensheng stated that Xiangtan had cooperated well with CCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd and China First Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., hoping that CCCC would cooperate with Xiangtan in terms of steel bridge, subway, light rail, provincial backbone roads and other traffic infrastructure to de-stock steel of steel enterprises and industry development of Xiangtan.

The related leaders from the City Government, the Economic Development Zone, Yuetang District, the Development and Reform Commission, the Finance Bureau, the Land and Resource Bureau, the Bureau of Commerce of Xiangtan, and the leaders of CCCC Equipment and Heavy Engineering BU, CCCC Haixi Regional Headquarters, CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. CCCC China First Highway Co., Ltd, CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd, as well as members of the leading body of ZPMC, heads of Investment BU, Marine Steel Structure Operation Department and the Office of ZPMC participated in the meeting.