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Outstanding Performance of ZPMC Coatings Customers in the bauma China (Shanghai) 2016

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From November 22 to 25, 2016, the 8th bauma China (China International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment) was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Bauma China, as the extension of the world largest construction machinery exhibition, Germany bauma, has been rooted in China for about 14 years, marching together in wind and rain, marching forward step with step. Bauma China 2016 ignites the passion of the whole industry even in such a bitter cold of winter. Over 170 thousand professional audiences from 149 countries were attracted to come and visit this four-day long International Trade Fair. Bauma China 2016 has fully showed the international level of Chinese engineering machinery industry.

Since 2010, the products of ZPMC Coatings have been widely applied into the industry of engineering machinery. So far, ZPMC Coatings has successfully provided a full range of products and services, including anticorrosion solutions, coatings construction, maintenance and technical training, for Sany Group, Zoomlion, World Group, Terex, Yuchai Heavy Industry, Jiamusi Coal Machine, Anhui Heli, Shanghai Jintai, Harbin Dongjian, Shandong Himile, Hengli Cylinder as well as many other equipments and accessories manufacturers. By virtue of high quality products and professional technical services, ZPMC Coatings are highly regarded by the customers from engineering machinery. Because of above-mentioned advantages, more and more customers began to trust and tend to choose ZPMC Coatings.

Over the years, ZPMC Coatings has provided many engineering machinery customers with high-quality coatings. Moreover, ZPMC Coatings has also offered some exhibitors a full range of painting services, for example, the Zoomlion Rotary Drilling Rig which was unveiled in bauma China 2016 is ZPMC Coatings’ most excellent masterpiece.

In the coming years, ZPMC Coatings will do more independent researches to develop water-based, high-solid, solvent-free, special functional environmental coatings applied in engineering machinery industry, complied with the trend of state environmental protection laws and regulations in order to create value continuously for consumers, insisting on pursuing the purpose of providing high-quality anti-corrosion beautiful coatings to engineering machinery and its support accessory.

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