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ZPMC Coatings visits Daikin Industries (Japan) TIC

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In order to better understand the market application and technology R&D of prospective fluorochemical industry, on November 16, Mr. Zhou Fahua, the chairman of ZPMC Coatings, was invited by Daikin Industries, together with Jiang Jian, the minister of Sales Dept.2, Dai Hongyan, the minister of Technology Department and Chen Yi, the minister of Quality Inspection Department, to visit its world’s most advanced research and development center, TIC, which is one of the most important strongholds of technology inheritance and innovation for Daikin Industries.

What’s more, for the purpose of enhancing employees’ entrepreneurship and having the courage to take endless challenges, Daikin Industries has invested 38 billion yen to establish Technology Innovation Center (TIC) in Osaka, which gathers about 700 technicists from three branches in Japan and has become Daikin worldwide technology research and development center. Combined with the perfect Big Data analysis, Daikin Industries insists on pursuing customer-oriented technology innovations and developments in the core field of fluorine industry.

ZPMC Coatings has a long term win-win cooperative relationship with Daikin Business Division of fluorine industry and both have gained excellent achievements in meeting customer needs, improving customer anticorrosive experience and so on. In 2000, ZPMC Coatings took the lead in applying the self-developed fluorocarbon paints in the field of port anticorrosion. Since then, this series has provided heavy-duty anti-corrosion protection for more than 400 port machineries after putting into the market, including Yangshan Port, Yantian Port, Nansha Port, Lianyungang Port, Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Dalian Port, SIPG, Xiamen Port Development Co. Ltd., Fuzhou Port Group, Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, Port of Long Beach and many other large-scale ports, both in China and abroad. With a long valid period of over 15 years, our self-developed fluorocarbon is well received by all customers.

During this visit, ZPMC Coatings was graciously received by the chairman of Daikin Chemical Business Division, Mr. Sukekawa and the director of global market, Mr. Torii. After introducing basic information and achievements, both sides had a comprehensive and detailed technical communication. During the meeting, ZPMC Coatings Technology Department expressed various specific, exact standards and requirements of product technology together with recording the proceeding and content of the meeting. Moreover, both sides reached several meaningful agreements in order to enhance the present cooperation as the biggest demander of Daikin Industries in coating industry. After meeting, both Daikin Industries and ZPMC Coatings showed great expectations to both-side further cooperation and the joint development of the waterborne solvent-free environmental paintings.

In conclusion, ZPMC Coatings has developed from the raw material purchaser who just simply and passively accepts the inherent technical index into the raw material developer who establishes the cooperation with raw material suppliers and puts forward standards and requirements actively. Furthermore, since 30 years ago, ZPMC Coatings has insisted on providing customers with the best quality products and services, at the same time, ZPMC Coatings has also established a long-term and stable strategic cooperative partnership with various well-known raw material suppliers at home and abroad.

Taken in November 17th, 2016 of Daikin Industries Osaka Technology Innovation Center (TIC)