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India purchased port equipment from ZPMC

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Recently, India Dakshin Bharat Gateway Terminal Private Company ( DBGT ) purchased 3 container cranes from ZPMC. The equipments would be delivered in early 2015.

It is the first time for DBGT to purchase from ZPMC. The container cranes have a lifting capacity of 64 tons, lifting height of 38 meters and outreach of 47 meters.

The senior managers of DBGT said that, ZPMC port machinery is the highest cost-effective product in the world, this is the reason why DBGT chose ZPMC without hesitation.

Tuticorin V.O.Chidambaranar Port locates in southern Indian Peninsula. It will further enhance the capability of container handling with scientific plans in order to serve South Asia clients and south India clients. The cooperation between DBGT and ZPMC laid a solid foundation for the wider range of cooperation in the future.