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Address: No. 205, Fenglin Road South,

Wujin National Hi-tech Industrial Zone,

South Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu

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Industrial Protective Coatings


Port machinery

Port machinery coating, leading brandZPMC Coatings has provided the high-quality

heavy anti-corrosion coating for more than 3000 port machineries; and our products spread all over America, Russia, England, Spain, Panama, Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,

Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other 71

countries and regions and about 120 ports  in the world.



Prominent bridge protective coatingsZPMC Coatings provides bridge protective coatings whose specifications meet relevant industrial standards, working environment

requirements and anti-corrosive demands of bridges. The products can not only prolong the service life of bridges, but also provide gorgeous appearance that can last for long.

Facilities and Equipment

Professional supporting products and services for facilities and equipment of all kinds
ZPMC Coatings provides a full range of products and services such as anti-corrosion
schemes, coating construction and technical trainings to many equipment
manufacturers including Sany Group Co., Ltd., Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science &
Technology Co.,Ltd., World Group Co., Ltd., XCMG Group, Terex Corporation, Guangxi
Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Joy Global Kiamusze Mining Equipment Plant, Anhui
Heli Co., Ltd, Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., Harbin Dongjian
Group and Himile Group Co., Ltd.


Parts and Components

Quality coatings with both anti-corrosive functions and appearance for parts and
components of facilities and equipmentZPMC Coatings provides parts and componentsof facilities and equipment (such as transformers, gearboxes, oil cylinders and brakes) used in all fields with effective protection, presenting perfect coating effects.


Energy & Power

Protect energy and power facilities from corrosion and extend equipment lifeZPMC

Coatings provides long-lasting anti-corrosive protection for energy and power facilities

including oil, natural gas, coal, wind power, nuclear power and renewable energy

sources, and extends their service life.