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A Positive Performance of ZPMC Coatings in Formulating Chemical Industry Standard

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From November 9 to 11, the National Technology Committee of Standardization for Coating and Color Industries was held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. The National Standardization Technical Committees of Coating and Paint together with National Supervision and Inspection Center of Coatings Quality hosted this conference. Total 272 committee members and unit committee members attended this meeting, together with the members of relevant standard setting working group from the headquarter of National Technology Committee of Standardization for Coating and Color Industries (TC5) as well as 5 branches (SC1, SC7, SC8, SC9, SC10). And the director of ZPMC Coatings Quality Inspection Department, Mr. Chenyi, was also invited to attend this conference.

The committee gave a report of 2016 formulation and revision work and deployed priorities of standardization work in the next year. During the conference, 20 advanced units and excellent corporations were commended and granted honor certificates by committee because of their outstanding achievements in industry standardization work. ZPMC Coatings was also involved in formulating industry standards actively such as ‘Solvent-free Anticorrosive Coatings’‘Waterborne Primer for Rusty Painting’, ‘Waterborne Anticorrosion Coating for Steel Structure’and so on and made contributions to promote the technology development of the whole industry.

Under the control of high standard, ZPMC Coatings always insists on pursuing high quality products, encouraging innovation in order to become the globally leading and China’s top brand of heavy-duty anticorrosion coatings as well as promoting the development of the whole industry.