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The 2015 Annual Commendation Conference Held Successfully

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The 2015 Annual Commendation Conference was held in the large meeting room on the afternoon of January 30th, 2016. All company staff, managements and employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by executive vice president of the company Chen Feini. Company president Zhou Fahua and general manager Zhou Weigang showed up at the meeting.

Mr. Zhou started the meeting by delivering an address. He affirmed the achievements made by all the staff last year and progress made in the business management. Then he analyzed the current development environment. With the topic of “innovation, management and hard work”, Zhou made a wonderful speech. Mr. Zhou also indicated that in order to develop steadily and healthily, company should bring forth new ideas constantly, pay equal attention to science and technology and market innovation, get benefit from management, save resources, tap potential and work harder. Everyone should fulfill own responsibilities and make persistent efforts for a brilliant future. In the end, Mr. Zhou showed his concern to all staff and delivered his New Year greetings. Executive vice president Chen Feini, on behalf of the company management, made a report on last year’s work. Chen made an overall summary firstly, pointed out the existing problems, put forward improvement measures and made a work arrangement for this year. She believed that, under the guidance of company leaders, all departments can actively rise to the challenges based on its scientific management system and flexible operation strategy. Advanced units and individuals were awarded with honorary titles at the meeting. Five sales personnel including Wan Rong, Jiang Jian, etc. were titled “Golden Sales Personnel”. The 2nd Sales Department won the “Best Team Award”. Fifteen members from the Technical Department including Zheng Lei were crowned the “Excellent Staff”. After the awarding ceremony, Jiang Jian and Zheng Lei delivered their acceptance speeches on behalf of their team and excellent staff. From different points of view, they showed their confidence and determinations to focus on own work, make great efforts and carry out all kinds of work actively.

At last, Mr. Zhou Weigang expressed his expectation to the company and gave his New Year wishes. Recalling the development history of the company and all performance company achieved, Zhou put forward several requirements on everyone. He hoped everyone could be good at learning and summarizing, so that they can improve themselves constantly.

The complete success of the meeting enhanced the sense of pride and sense of collective honor of staff, strengthened the cohesive force in enterprise, confirmed the faith of staff to work hard, inspired their enthusiasm of exploration and innovation and laid solid foundation for all works carried out this year. Under the guides of company leaders and department managers, the company will make significant progress with the joint efforts of all staff.